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On a Caribbean Tide is a dynamic tale of cunning and courage all driven by modern-day pirates.

D.B. Lawhon writes chapter after chapter of gripping plot twists with hurricanes, seaplanes, sharks, high stakes gambling and shifting loyalties, making it nearly impossible to put the book down.

As he did in The Navajo Sign, Lawhon develops his characters via engaging dialogue and island dialects that bring the characters to life and renders images and descriptions of boats, yachts and feats of seamanship that will interest even the non-nautical.

This riveting book not only entertains but also examines the deep ties found in long-term marriages, the willingness to go to any length to protect the ones we love, the possibility of forgiveness, and the gift of compassion.

Dr. Barbara Stites, professor of library science, University of South Florida 

Karen D
On a Caribbean Tide

 On a Caribbean Tide is a great read. Once again D.B. Lawhon does a great job painting scenes to grab your imagination. I really enjoyed the variety of characters in this story, and the way the author gives you insight into what formed their personalities. Characters like Johnny Mac, the Vietnam vet, and El Jurakan, the reclusive “dock crab” and his heartbreaking story of loss. I highly recommend this book.

Denise H
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 12, 2022
On a Caribbean Tide
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Great characters and vivid imagery.

Great read. As with his previous novel The Navajo Sign, D.B Lawhon brings real depth to his characters, not just two-dimensional cookie cutter villains and heroes. He has a great ability to create a scene. I could almost feel a warm tropical breeze blowing, while gazing at the starry sky from the deck of the Donna Marie

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“I found this novel to be like a breath of fresh air. Not only is it a story about Native American culture, but it also features some universal themes that tie us together as human beings, such as discovering our true identity. Besides, it has an important lesson on the need to live a materially and spiritually balanced life. This means too much of one thing could see us getting unfulfilled, and sometimes, with a fatal consequence. I, therefore, recommend it to anyone interested in any of these topics.”

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A Great Read !
I bought this book because the cover was stunning, and the back cover story blurb grabbed me and made me want to read more, and boy was I glad I did. A fantastic story, not the usual predictable stuff, very original.

Love The Cover!
This story kept me captivated the whole way through to an unexpected ending, loved the main character Zill.

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“I find this book as compelling as my Clive Cussler books. I look forward to seeing more books by this author.” Chaz Far – Amazon Review

What an adventure!

The Navajo Sign was not just a thrill. It was a highly satisfying read. The author’s writing was captivating and I found it hard to put the book down. The characters were believable and I actually found myself caring about them. Nice work, well done and looking forward to the next book from this author
Jeannette E. – Amazon Review

“You really do get a sense of who these characters are. Each time I put the book down,I looked forward to my next chance to pick it up again and read more. I hope his next book will come out soon.”
Denise H.- Amazon Review