About DB Lawhon

Lawhon's life is full of adventure.

As one who has over the years taught himself to do a number of different things, and not one to be intimated,  Lawhon took a leap of faith, and in 2008 embarked on writing his first novel he called The Concrete Coastline, an as yet unpublished work.​ With 40 plus years in the construction business it seemed logical to create a story with a construction project as the backdrop and a love story smack in the middle of it all. It took 3-1/2 years of getting up on weekends at 3:30 am to get the story written.

The ink had barely dried on The Concrete Coastline when the inspiration for The Navajo Sign hit. Creative inspiration can come from anything and anywhere and for D.B. Lawhon it came one morning from a painting that hung over his fire place. The painting had similar geometric patterns often found in Navajo rugs and sand paintings.

On that morning he found himself seeing that painting from a completely different perspective. What if the artist had unwittingly incorporated signs and symbols that lead to a secret treasure. The inspiration  he felt was so strong that he shelved the earlier work to focus entirely on writing The Navajo Sign.

Fours years later and what seemed like countless early  weekend mornings coupled with loads of research the rough manuscript was finished. However getting it published proved to be the real challenge. Perseverance and determination saw years of long work become a published novel.

​His third novel, titled, On A Caribbean Tide,  began within weeks of completing The Navajo Sign, a chapter excerpt of which appears in the back of The Navajo Sign. On a Caribbean Tide is expected to be released in 2022.

Lawhon gives a lot of credit for his ability to create new and different stories to his life experiences. He has seen and done many different things over the course of his life, along the way he has met and worked with a great many people from every walk of life imaginable from all over the world.

He’s been involved in auto racing, flown a P-51 Mustang, and flown in a B-17 bomber. Has been the announcer at a stock car track.  Learned horticulture, brick masonry, construction management, and happily adds novelist to his list of accomplishments.

His likes outside of writing are, looking for and owning antiques, especially anything that has survived the rigors of time with a story to tell. He enjoys traveling, cooking and playing his  vintage guitars that range in age from 47 to 77 years old.

DB Lawhon in Florida with wife and grandson, Jaxon

My wife Darlene and I enjoying a “pool day” visit with our latest grandson Jaxon

Author DB Lawhon prepares to fly in a Mustang fighter plane for birthday

Me and John Passion after I flew the Mustang for my 50th Birthday. Without a doubt the coolest thing I’ve ever done!

The vintage guitar collection of DB Lawhon

This is my mini vintage guitar collection. The ones on the far right and left I bought new in ’75 and ’77, respectively. Both are Japanese made Martin copies. the ’77 is known as Martin law suit era Takamine a rare guitar now, and this one is in near mint condition.

The two in the middle are more recent additions, second from the right is a 49 Yr. old Gibson Hummingbird a guitar that I had lusted for since I was 16, 46 years later I finally got my hands on one.

And lastly, second from the left is a 1944 Gibson J-45 “Banner” edition, one of the most sought-after guitars Gibson ever made. The Gibson factory at that time had mostly women working there due to the war. And let me tell you those ladies built some amazing guitars!

And just in case you’re wondering I play them all regularly.

DB Lawhon with Family

This is 15 years ago on my 50th birthday with all 5 of my sons, Jason, Chris, Kyle, Ryan, John and 2 grandsons, Nathan and Bryan.

Interestingly the painting on the wall to my left is the one that would 5 years later be the inspiration for my 2nd novel The Navajo Sign

DB Lawhon with his son near b17 bp,ber

My youngest son John and me standing next to a WWII B-17 bomber. I love the warbirds of WWII and the B17 along with the Mustang are at the top of my list. While I didn’t get to fly this beauty I was privileged to fly on it with a man who was belly gunner on a B-17 during the war. I’ve always had massive respect for the crews that manned these planes, but I have to say the belly gunners and bombardiers had the most nerve wracking seats on the plane.

DB Lawhon's inspiration for Caribbean Tide novel

This photo would be the inspiration for my latest novel, On a Caribbean Tide. It was used as a prompt for a writing contest for which I had submitted a short story. A version of that short became the opening scene for On a Caribbean Tide. On a Caribbean Tide has been a fun story to write. It takes place in the early 1980’s, a wild and at times dangerous place due to the characters that plied the waters of the Caribbean islands at that time.

Caribbean Tide cover photo

This incredible photo was taken by my ten year old son Kyle in Key West using a little throwaway Kodak camera. I plan to use this for On a Caribbean Tide’s book cover.

DB Lawhon with wife and dog

Me, my little bride Darlene and Duke

Grand rededication of Charlotte County Courthouse

The 2008 Grand re-dedication of the Charlotte County Courthouse in downtown Punta Gorda Fl. One of the construction projects I’m most proud of. Originally constructed in 1927 it opened in 1928.

The old courthouse over the decades had suffered at the hands of awful remodels and additions that destroyed its majestic steps, portico and exterior, and then in 2004 hurricane Charlie nearly dealt it a death blow.

Ps. The courthouse is haunted

DB Lawson prepares to fly Mustang plane

Doing my prefight checks. I was a little nervous knowing that I would be flying a plane that is worth in excess of 1.2 million dollars!

DB Lawhon at NASCAR experience Kyle Petty car

Belted in and waiting for my signal to move onto the racetrack in an ex Kyle Petty NASCAR stocker

DB Lawhon driving Winston Cup NASCAR

Here I am pounds lighter not as gray and years younger getting final instructions before getting strapped in a Winston Cup stockcar.