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Author of his debut novel, The Navajo Sign, an exciting modern day adventure into the mysteries and legends of the desert southwest…

And his newly released, On A Caribbean Tide, an adventure packed trek through the Caribbean Islands of the early ’80’s

D. B. Lawhon lives along South Florida’s gulf coast and is a native-born Floridian, with family roots in the state reaching back into the 1780’s. Over the years he has taught himself to do a number of things. Along the way he encountered all manner of people from all over the world. In 2008 he decided it was time to act on the advice of a high school teacher, who suggested he become a writer.

Learning the art of creative writing while holding down a highly stressful job, was difficult to say the least, and meant rising on weekend mornings at 3am to write. Now 14 years later, he has written 3 novels, two have been published. He also has written several short stories with plans to publish as a collection. Retired now after 45 years in construction, D. B. Lawhon has more time for family, writing, travel, and sometimes just doing nothing at all.

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